Ashoka Fellows en Venezuela

Área de trabajo: Economic Development

Floralicia Anzola is countering a culture of polarization and powerlessness in Venezuela by finding, publicizing, and strengthening the work of everyday entrepreneurs. Her organization, 0800-Flor, features entrepreneurs on the radio and online, then pulls together allies to support their ventures. By showing her audience examples of action,...

Área de trabajo: Human Rights

Gaby Arenas is breaking the patterns of violence at home, school, and in communities. Through her TAAP Foundation, she manages to promote peaceful coexistence, generate projects for social development, and ventures that increase the welfare of communities. Gaby uses play, imagination, and art as tools to develop critical thinking and...

Área de trabajo: Health

Carlos Atencio is responding to the failing healthcare system in Venezuela by introducing a new model of care based on family practice medicine and centered on community participation and responsibility. His Family Medicine Foundation provides affordable primary care (that resolves 85% of health issues in low income communities), trains medical...

Área de trabajo: Health

Francesco Cammarano has created a student-to-student didactic model in dental health and hygiene in order to lower the high incidence of dental diseases, promote prevention and education over costly treatment, and form youth leaders to teach other students and their communities the techniques of sound dental health.

Área de trabajo: Health

Ybrahinn Cordero is transforming the attitudes and stereotypes of an increasingly polarized and prejudiced Venezuela. With an approach based on a powerful concept of individual dignity and responsibility that rejects the marginalization of the most vulnerable populations, Ybrahinn is pursuing a Venezuela that is 100% Discrimination-Free....

Área de trabajo: Civic Engagement

By framing freedom of expression and access to information as both human rights and social responsibilities, Carlos Correa is working to build accountable and socially conscious journalism in Venezuela. Through his organization Espacio Público, Carlos is bringing together professional journalists and ordinary citizens to create a culture of...

Área de trabajo: Learning/Education

Claudia Cova is improving the quality of life of people in the poorest sectors of Venezuela by bridging the digital divide. Through effective donation and appropriation of usable computers, she is providing valuable training and resources for young people to compete in today's technological world.

Área de trabajo: Civic Engagement
Mirador Democrático

Mercedes De Freitas is building a movement for citizen participation in governance and social activism by helping Venezuelans understand the opportunities and threats their democracy faces and the importance of the people's participation in legal and structural reform.

Área de trabajo: Health

Through education Darwin Figuera is promoting a sea change in the culture of road safety in Venezuela, where mortality rates from motor vehicle accidents are among the highest in the world. Darwin promotes a comprehensive and compulsory course on road safety taught throughout the formal education system that equips students to be multipliers of...

Área de trabajo: Civic Engagement Formación Pop.Renaciendo

Gerarda Fraga has developed a community development training program in which local groups determine their own training in needs assessment, project development and management, then provide similar services to neighboring organizations.